‘Not a shootout’: Alleged slain NPA a construction worker

A certification provided by the family of Glenn Ramos indicates that he was a construction worker at the time of his death. Ramos was tagged by the military as an NPA officer.
‘Not a shootout’: Alleged slain NPA a construction worker

A former Bayan Muna party-list coordinator alleged by the military as an officer of the New People’s Army (NPA) was not killed in a shoot-out, but murdered in cold blood.

This was the statement of the family of Glenn Ramos, 39, who was shot last February 7 inside the Don Julian Subdivision, Brgy. Maa, Davao City. According to the authorities, Ramos drew a handgun and was “resisting arrest” by a joint police and military team when he was killed.

Capt. Rhyan Batchar, spokesperson of the Army’s 10th Infantry Division, claimed the incident as part of the government’s “all-out war” on communist rebels, tagging Ramos as a “supply officer” of the NPA.

However, In a fact sheet sent to the media, Karapatan said that Ramos had just come home from his construction work and was boiling water for coffee in the kitchen when he was shot.

Carmelita Cata-ag Ramos, Glenn’s mother, had just left the house and crossed the road, approximately 3-5 meters away, when she heard gunshots. “Worried, Carmelita headed back to her house where she saw elements of the CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) surrounding her house – some were in uniform with the words ‘CIDG’ printed on the back of their shirt while others were wearing civilian clothing. Carmelita tried to intervene but was stopped by CIDG personnel,” Karapatan said.

The group said that Glenn’s stepbrother who was inside the house was forced to drop to the ground and kicked by elements of the CIDG. “Assailants then found Ramos in the kitchen and shot him three times. The victim fell to the ground but was still alive, so another CIDG personnel shot him in the stomach which led to his eventual death,” Karapatan stated.

The Ramos family also claimed that there were bruises on Glenn’s face and chest when they claimed his body.

Meanwhile, in a signed certification, Renato K. Olibang, a construction foreman, said that Ramos was a “on-call laborer,” and had been working with him on a house in Purok 47 since January 10 this year.

The AFP alleged that the victim was facing charges for attempted homicide, and that a caliber 38 pistol and improvised explosive device was found in his possession.

The Ramos family, however, insists that the firearms allegedly found in his possession were planted by a certain Eduardo Santos, a former classmate of Glenn who was allegedly an intelligence agent, minutes before the incident.

“Eduardo went directly inside the house and towards the kitchen without permission, carrying a plastic cellophane. He left the cellophane at the kitchen area and immediately left,” according to the fact sheet.

In an earlier interview with Davao Today, Sheena Duazo of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan– Southern Mindanao, said that Ramos was subjected to surveillance and harassment by the military when he was still a Bayan Muna coordinator.


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